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Immigration Compliance

Our suite of compliance and training services is designed to maintain the health of your workforce and sponsor licence. We can help with developing compliant systems or preparing for a visit from the Home Office. Should the Home Office take action against your licence, we can help you to address their concerns. We have a strong track record of defending sponsor licences against Home Office action. All UK employers should be checking right to work to best prevent illegal working. We can help you implement robust checking processes.

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HR systems review

We offer a cost-effective HR systems review to help you develop policies and processes for a healthy sponsor licence.

The relevant HR systems should be in place before your organisation applies for a sponsor licence. An HR systems review is also useful if you already have a sponsor licence, particularly if your organisation applied for its sponsor licence without the support of an immigration advisor.


Clients have found our mock audits invaluable to their organisations’ fitness for the future. If your organisation would be critically affected by a sponsor licence revocation, you should consider requesting a mock audit.

When conducting a mock audit, we essentially pretend to be the Home Office:

  • We review your right to work and sponsor compliance policies
  • We interview your personnel
  • We inspect your personnel files

We then provide:

  • A report advising on changes required to address any gaps in right to work checking policies and in fulfilling sponsor duties
  • An evaluation of personnel files, including advice on next steps to mitigate compliance gaps on any files

Mock audits are particularly useful to sponsors who are expecting a sponsor compliance visit or applying for renewal, and to sponsor organisations that are growing quickly or are ramping up sponsorship activity.

Right to work advice

We support UK employers with checking right to work in line with the government regime to prevent illegal working. We can provide ad hoc advice as and when you need it and/or a reference note to guide you through the practicalities of right to work checks.

You might also wish to consider signing up for one of training sessions on right to work checks. See below for details.

Defending against sponsor licence revocation

Should the Home Office take action against you, we have the experience to best defend your business.

Changes Immigration has the experience and the comprehensive service offering to support your organisation with all aspects of sponsor compliance and wider immigration compliance.

Get in touch to discuss how we might best help your organisation with immigration compliance.

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