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Sponsoring Workers

At Changes Immigration, we are experts in sponsorship matters. We can save you the time and frustration of navigating the awkward government systems and requirements. If your organisation is considering applying for a sponsor licence or you have a sponsor licence and need support, please get in touch.

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Sponsor licence applications

A sponsor licence enhances an organisation’s ability to attract talent, unlocking a world of qualified candidates. 

Approved sponsors issue work authorisation in the form of Certificates of Sponsorship (COS) using an online system called the Sponsorship Management System or SMS. Non-UK national workers use the COS to apply for their UK immigration permission. 

Skilled Worker

Sponsors can use the Skilled Worker route to fill medium and high-skilled roles. 

The required salary level is based on a points calculation involving characteristics such as age, as well as on the ‘going rate’ for the relevant role in the UK. 

Skilled Worker visa applicants must demonstrate English language ability. The Skilled Worker route leads to settlement in the UK.

The Health and Care visa is a type of Skilled Worker visa for medical and care professionals.

Senior or Specialist Worker

The Senior or Specialist Worker visa is for transferring non-UK nationals employed at linked overseas entities to the UK. Only high-skilled roles are eligible.

The salary will be the higher of £48,500 or the ‘going rate’ for the role in the UK. Sponsors are only required to meet the minimum salary threshold whilst Senior or Specialist Workers are working in the UK; whilst a Senior or Specialist Worker is working for a linked overseas entity in the same corporate group, sponsors do not need to meet the salary minimum required for sponsorship.

Senior or Specialist Workers do not need to demonstrate English language ability. Senior or Specialist Workers are not eligible for settlement.

Temporary Workers

Temporary Worker sponsorship is available for specific types of sponsored worker visas.

Creative Worker sponsorship covers arts and entertainment areas such as the visual arts, theatre, television, film, dance, music and fashion modelling. Members of a Creative Worker’s entourage might also be able to join them under this route.

Salary requirements are determined with reference to guidance from the relevant industry body for
the Creative Worker’s area, e.g. Equity for theatre performers.

Each area also has its own practice code that sponsors must follow when sponsoring Creative

Interns also fall under the Temporary Worker umbrella.

Sponsored workers’ family members

Sponsored workers’ partners and dependent, minor children can join them in the UK.

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Our suite of compliance and training services is designed to maintain the health of your workforce and sponsor licence. We can help with developing compliant systems or preparing for a visit from the Home Office. Should the Home Office take action against your licence, we can help you to address their concerns. We have a strong track record of defending sponsor licences against Home Office action. All UK employers should be checking right to work to best prevent illegal working. We can help you implement robust checking processes.

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Expanding to the UK

The team at Changes Immigration has many years of experience in helping overseas businesses to establish themselves in the UK. A number of immigration options are available. The best one for your business will depend on several factors. Get in touch for strategic advice.